5 things you can do at home while you are locked-down to keep your business moving

Covid-19 is a reality now and is going to be around for a while. The earlier we accept it, the easier it would be to plan an alternative arrangement to keep going. Lock-down at home is easier said than done. But as a small business entrepreneur, you need to keep going and ensure business continuity so that livelihood can be maintained.

The underlying concept of continuing your business via the “ONLINE” mode. Content Marketing and Management has suddenly become 5 times more important than it was 2 months ago!!

Now, we shall talk about the top #5 things that you can implement in your business right away to continue your business during the lock-down so that business and the people associated with it like employees and customers are least affected.

  1. Tip #1: Invest in strategic technological alliances:
    1. Invest in work-from-home technology for your employees and partners so that your business can be continued without much of a distraction
    2. Help to create a responsive service facility- like
      1. Chatbots,
      2. Learning portals,
      3. Customer service, etc.
        to as to ensure connectivity and response system
    3. Continue efficient digital collaboration- for online enabling partners, employees, etc. for business continuity so that they stay connected in the virtual space
    4. Continue your online marketing for essential products like insurance, emergency corpus, etc. since people will spend MOST of their time online. So, this is a good time to engage them efficiently
    5. Learn a new technology skill for your business continuity
  1. Tip #2: Focus on online customer service:
    1. Invest in chatbots (technological upgradation that we spoke)
    2. Communicate proactively with your customers and assure them of support
    3. Regularly contact customers through video chat, etc.
    4. Hold online events

      Basically keep the engagement level high especially because most people will be available online and the stress level will be high. So, it is better to channelize their energy in a positive direction rather than succumb to the stress and give way!

  1. Tip #3: Have Clear Policies for employees, partners, etc. during lock-down for Business Continuity
    1. Delegate responsibilities with decision-making capabilities for business continuity
    2. Do not cut back on marketing. Difficult times are the best times to encash on good service and pro-active online marketing
  2. Tip #4: Online banking facility
    Is very important to manage payments, bills, utilities, etc. These are essential services for business continuity in the work-from-home model.
  3. Tip #5: Plan your year 20-21 with the basic minimum expectations. Follow these steps like:
    1. Analyse expenses
    2. Skip unnecessary subscriptions which you do not or cannot utilise now
    3. Review your inventory
    4. Focus on your core competency
    5. Keep personal credit healthy
    6. Plan your emergency corpus

Yes, this is a very difficult time and no one is ever 100% prepared for the same. Even with emergency business continuity planning, certain things are often taken for granted. However, instead of panicking, let us make the most of the free time available. With people working from home, you end up saving your commute time, tea-break and meeting time, networking time, etc. which can be better utilised in upskilling and preparing to gear up for the second half of the year. All the best!